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Carlisle Public Schools
Carlisle Public Schools   83 School Street  
CARLISLE, Massachusetts  01741  
Public School District
pre-k 8 620 students


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Employer Description
Carlisle Public Schools
Vision, Mission and Portrait of a Graduate

Carlisle Public Schools cultivate balanced learners who can stand confidently with one foot in
the field and the other in the future.

We create a nurturing and individualized experience for our students and highly value personal
relationships. We prioritize social-emotional and physical health. We include a project-based
approach to help students develop their knowledge, skills, and interests. We provide multiple
ways for students to demonstrate understanding and mastery, de-emphasizing state
standardized assessments. Students engage in the classroom and in the community, with
educators, local experts, and Carlisle’s natural resources to understand how their studies can
be applied to civic life to help solve local and global problems. We break down barriers
between traditional subjects and create opportunities for students to develop their
understanding of the world and extend their perspective and thinking beyond our town borders.


• A resilient and adaptable lifelong learner who is empowered to pursue their interests.
• A self-aware and reflective individual who takes responsibility for their actions,
outcomes and learning.
• A caring, kind and engaged global citizen who works to forward identified goals.*
• An advocate for social justice who acts with skill and courage against prejudice and
towards equity.
• A creative and competent problem solver, appreciative of diverse thinking.
• An independent thinker, willing to question the status quo and weigh the evidence.
• An effective communicator & collaborator who can work with diverse teams, listen
and articulate thoughts and ideas persuasively.

*Current goals are aligned with UN Sustainable Development goals.
Diversity Mission Statement