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East Bay School for Boys
2340 Durant Ave.    
Berkeley, California  94704  
Private/Independent School
Boys Day 6 8 100 students


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Employer Description

The East Bay School for Boys is a small all boys independent middle school (6-8th grades) in Berkeley, CA. We are located adjacent to UC Berkeley in an urban setting. We currently have 80 students (our capacity is 95). Eighty percent of our students come to us from public schools and about sixty five percent return to public high schools after leaving EBSB. For this reason, we are connected in deep ways to the larger community and have a much more racially and economically diverse student body than the average independent schools in the area.

The East Bay School for Boys empowers middle school boys to cultivate their intellectual, physical, and emotional selves to become engaged, thoughtful, courageous, and justice-minded adults of tomorrow.

The East Bay School for Boys focuses on how boys learn best and believe boys engage more and learn more in a challenging and active learning environment that combines hard work with discovery, creativity, fun, and purpose. At EBSB we teach and do. We provide opportunities for boys to design, build, nurture, and grow their world, empowering boys to affect, connect, reflect, and most importantly, love to learn. Boys will go to high school prepared and passionate. In short, our purpose is to empower boys of the East Bay to become strong, capable, and self-actualized through a challenging, active, and supportive all-boy middle school program.

Diversity Mission Statement

At the East Bay School for Boys we are all responsible for building a loving, safe and inclusive community for all our students and families to feel seen, honored and be their authentic self.

We, as a school, want a regular practice of building skills of cultural awareness, antiracism, empathy and competency woven directly into the fabric of our strong, loving school.


EBSB is committed to developing an antiracist, equitable and pluralistic learning environment that builds from the identities and capacities of each of our students, their families and our faculty, toward a more just and healthy community by addressing power and privilege created by systems like patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism. We believe that the students and staff  at  EBSB have a responsibility to care for and contribute to the larger community it is a part of, beginning with our families, friends, and neighbors and expanding to include the global community. Intimate and authentic relationships that endure beyond a boy's time at EBSB are critical to the School's mission and sustainability as an institution.

Toward this end, the goals of Courageous Conversations is to build from EBSB’s values in equity and social justice toward empowering thoughtful, courageous, engaged, and social justice-minded adults of tomorrow. Doing so the students, families and staff engaged in Courageous Conversations develop skills to locate, define, empathize, and build connections to and have healthy actions around race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic circumstances, ability, learning styles, and religious belief. This orientation and practice is an integral piece of student, family, and staff culture.