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McGillis School, The
668 S 1300 E    
Salt Lake City, Utah  84102  
Private/Independent School
k 8 385 students


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Employer Description
The McGillis School is an independent school in Salt Lake City, Utah, with 390 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. As a school founded on Jewish culture and traditions, our mission is to educate children and instill in our students a love of learning and the abilities to think critically, live ethically, and appreciate the value of each individual. Our purpose is to create individuals committed and able to repair the world, and our six Jewish values are the foundation of everything we do.
Diversity Mission Statement


The McGillis School is built on the premise that diversity, equity, and inclusion matter. As a school founded on Jewish values, culture, and history, we understand how vital it is to hear, understand, and learn from those who have been marginalized. We believe a diverse, inclusive community is essential to a rich educational experience, and we support each person in our community to reach their full potential. Commitment to this work is crucial for the long-term viability and success of our School. Compelled by our purpose to create individuals committed and able to repair the world, our community endeavors to:

? honor each student’s individual story and experience 

? foster diversity of thought and an open exchange of ideas 

? empower students to meaningfully encounter difference 

? nurture moral and intellectual growth 

? effect change in a dynamic, increasingly interconnected world 

We strive to recruit, retain, and support a diverse student body, faculty, staff, and board. Diversity matters.


The McGillis School recognizes that systemic racism exists and works to dismantle systems of oppression in an effort to counteract racism. We are committed to doing the following:

  • Hiring, supporting and retaining Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) faculty and staff through intentional and on-going practices.

  • Creating systems of support for BIPOC students and families and increasing the number of BIPOC students in the student body.

  • Building the skills and knowledge of our Board to engage in conversations about privilege, implicit bias, prejudice, and systemic racism.

  • Using a common language, identifying standards, and providing ample professional development to support faculty in becoming anti-racist educators.

  • Implementing an anti-racist curriculum in each grade throughout the McGillis experience to develop students to be anti-racist and allies to BIPOC individuals and communities. 

  • Developing and increasing the capacity of our parents to engage in anti-racist conversations with their children.

  • Using an equity and anti-racist framework to continually review our policies, practices,  programs and curriculum.

We believe being an anti-racist school is an on-going process that requires active leadership. We commit to cultivating a courageous community that continuously engages in this work.