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Louisville Collegiate School
2427 Glenmary Avenue     
Louisville, Kentucky  40204  
Private/Independent School
pre-k 12 807 students


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Employer Description

Louisville Collegiate School’s mission is to inspire academic excellence, extraordinary character, and global citizenship.


Louisville Collegiate School has a long tradition of academic excellence and creativity within an exceptionally warm and supportive environment.

Guided by our school cornerstones of honor, compassion, respect, and responsibility, Collegiate provides a challenging and supportive academic experience that empowers students to continually expand their desire and ability to learn. In our school community where students are individually known and where they consistently encounter high expectations, students discover unique aptitudes and awaken their intellectual curiosity. Our creative teachers coach each student toward his or her own highest potential. Through this caring process, students learn to revere curiosity, value knowledge, and push themselves beyond what they thought they could do.


Throughout Collegiate’s Lower School, our youngest students encounter an educational approach that emphasizes the process and the joy of learning. Their capabilities, interests, and experiences are the starting places to begin and sustain meaningful inquiry. Then, routine opportunities for reflection and self-evaluation steadily encourage student ownership of the learning process and foster edifying application and experimentation of what they have learned.


A good Middle School program knows how to address the complex nature of adolescence in a supportive academic environment, but a truly great middle school program, like ours at Louisville Collegiate School, knows also how to celebrate its students in this unique time of growth. Our program is designed to develop specific knowledge and skills in students, but it goes further. Through caring relationships with teachers and rich, developmentally appropriate opportunities to assume responsibility and to apply their learning, Middle School students cultivate habits of mind, heart, and action that lead to meaningful growth and academic success.


Collegiate’s Upper School program encourages students to achieve at their highest levels by inviting them to engage big questions–whether those are how to start up a new business, how to negotiate and sustain the social contract or how to improve soil quality for arable lands. In individually tailored courses of study, students are not only challenged by devoted and knowledgeable teachers, but they also steadily learn how to challenge themselves so that when they graduate they have a clear sense of ownership of their education, and they have the skills needed to be active participants in the world around them. Graduates have strong foundations on which to build in their future work, and they have a clearer understanding of their own individual passions, which will fuel a life of ongoing inquiry.

Diversity Mission Statement



Louisville Collegiate School’s mission is to inspire academic excellence, extraordinary character, and global citizenship. Central to our mission is our commitment to creating an inclusive community that nourishes students and families from all backgrounds and perspectives.


As such, we seek:


  • To enrich our students’ academic excellence by cultivating pedagogy, programming, and instructional resources that empower each of our students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

  • To enhance our students’ extraordinary character by nurturing and fostering skills and practices at every age that contribute toward a community where each member feels a sense of belonging and engagement.

  • To develop students’ global citizenship by considering multiple perspectives and increasing a sense of responsibility to live, work, and

As we teach, learn from, and celebrate the many differences that make up our school, we work together to uphold the pillars that embody the mission of the Louisville Collegiate School community. We expect our students and families to demonstrate integrity and respect for all individuals and to act in the best interests of others and the community as a whole by demonstrating honor, compassion, responsibility, and respect. engage respectfully with a diversity of people in an interconnected world.