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Fletcher School, The
8500 Sardis Road    
Charlotte, North Carolina  28270  
Private/Independent School
12 280 students


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The Fletcher School empowers K-12 students with learning differences to achieve bright futures by offering an individualized, multisensory, college preparatory curriculum that prepares them to reach their full potential.

Our bright, talented, and often gifted students learn in small, structured classes with an average 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Individual and prescriptive learning plans are developed for each student. We offer intense remediation in academic subjects, opportunities to learn compensatory strategies, and self-advocacy training to help students understand their learning styles and strengths.

Fletcher's program is based on the principles of the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading, writing, spelling, math, and all subject areas as part of a total language system. Our instruction is sequential, cumulative, and repetitious to achieve mastery and ensure success for each student.

Outside the classroom, our students enjoy a full range of programs, including arts, athletics, clubs, and after-school activities.

Our students have average to above-average intelligence as defined in a psychological-educational assessment performed by a licensed psychologist. Students must have a diagnosis of a language-based learning difference in reading (dyslexia), written expression (dysgraphia), or math (dyscalculia). Students in grades 6-11 can be accepted with a primary diagnosis of ADHD if it is impacting their academic success.

We cannot serve children whose learning difficulties result from primary emotional or behavioral issues, intellectual disabilities, or students who are diagnosed under the classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


The Fletcher School is accredited by the dual standards of SAIS-SACS (Southern Association of Independent Schools and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). The school is approved as a Non-Public School by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI).

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