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Cate School
1960 Cate Mesa Road    
Carpinteria, California  93013  
Private/Independent School
305 students


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For over 100 years, Cate has been combining the best of East Coast tradition and West Coast energy and innovation in the service of highly motivated, independent-minded kids. Residential life is structured to develop well-being and leadership through the practice of self-discipline and service. In addition to an inquiry-driven curriculum designed to elicit the greatest possible growth in every student, all students participate in an extracurricular program that includes athletics, drama, music, dance, community service, and an extensive outdoor program. With more than 50 honors and advanced courses, the Cate curriculum can meet the demands of the most ambitious students. A typical applicant to Cate has impeccable character, a history of high academic achievement, is mature, curious, adventurous, and willing to assume responsibility and independence.


Cate’s approach is to “meet students where they are” and ensure, through education and practice, that they graduate with the foundational skills necessary to excel in institutions of higher learning and the 21st-century workplace. This approach embodies Cate’s mission as an educational institution rooted not only in character development but in skill building. Likewise, faculty cultural competency is evaluated during the hiring process and then supported and evaluated at regular intervals as part of Cate’s ongoing professional development. Continually honing these skills is essential to ensuring that each member of the Cate community feels a genuine sense of belonging and can achieve their greatest growth.


To that end, Cate’s curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular programming relies upon a community-wide, skills-based framework that acknowledges the centrality of DEI competency to teaching, professionalism, collaboration, and meaningful interpersonal connections and post-secondary success for students. This framework is essential because one can value difference immensely and never become interculturally competent. Put simply, awareness and sensitivity must be augmented with greater knowledge of myriad cultures, ideologies, faiths, and ways of living and the practical tools that will enable the most proactive and inclusive behaviors.

At Cate, we often talk about the deep sense of community that attends the “spirit of this place.” While the “spirit” manifests in many ways, it is rooted in the full recognition of the dignity of each person. We encourage all members of the Cate community to share their backgrounds, interests, identities, and beliefs so that we can collectively work to broaden our perspectives, deepen our capacity for empathy, and strengthen our resilience. In doing so, we can continue the daily work of creating and building community

Cate School is committed to a policy of Equal Opportunity Employment and nondiscrimination in the treatment of employees or applicants for employment without consideration of race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability, veteran status, genetic information, gender or gender identity.

Cate School offers competitive compensation. In setting compensation ranges, Cate School reviews numerous factors, including industry data from NAIS, CAIS, NBOA, and other market data. Final Salary is based on experience relevant to the role and internal equity.

Diversity Mission Statement
At Cate School, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) work is integral to our mission because we recognize that academic excellence and productive citizenship are impossible without intercultural competency. While DEIB work at Cate has historically focused on increasing racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity amongst students and faculty, today’s efforts must also provide the skills and competencies that will allow all stakeholders to thrive in increasingly diverse environments, beginning with the one we are constructing at Cate.