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International School of Portland
2305 S. Water Ave    
Portland, Oregon  97201  
Private/Independent School
pre-k 5 400 students


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Employer Description

Now, more than ever, we need to teach our children, tomorrow’s global leaders, how to approach challenging issues with empathy and compassion. Welcome to International School of Portland. For over thirty years, we’ve offered full language and cultural immersion in a warm, loving environment that encourages curiosity and kindness.

  • International School of Portland was the first International Baccalaureate elementary school in the Pacific Northwest.
  • We are one of only two schools in the United States – and perhaps the world – offering full immersion in three separate language tracks under one roof.
  • It was founded in 1990 and today educates over 400 students from age 3 through 5th grade.

We nurture children’s natural love of learning by inspiring them to ask questions, pursue the concepts that interest them, and to share their knowledge with others. Our teachers are master facilitators, guiding students through their educational journeys while also ensuring that our academic standards are met.

Because of our multi-language and cultural environment, our campus is a global microcosm, helping to shape children who are open-minded, empathetic, kind, patient and tolerant——traits that encourage them take responsible action within and beyond our school community.

We encourage you to visit us to learn more!

Centrally Located Campus, Close-Knit Community

Located just south of downtown Portland on the edge of the South Waterfront District, our campus is easily accessible from both sides of the river. Our urban environment enables us to take full advantage of city life while also enjoying our close-knit campus and outdoor playground areas. We are easily able to take field trips to enhance our learning to such places as the Oregon Ballet, Portland Japanese Garden, Lan Su Chinese Garden, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland Art Museum, and more.

Diversity Mission Statement


International School of Portland’s mission is to inspire children to become global citizens through an inquiry-based learning environment of total immersion in multiple languages and cultures. ISP celebrates the diversity of our community, which is open to include people of all racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, national, and gender identities, as well as sexual orientations, gender presentations, physical abilities, and political viewpoints. The school treats all students, families, faculty, and staff with kindness and respect as individuals who are inclusively welcomed into the school.

As part of fostering global citizens, the school equips students with the knowledge and skills to value difference; to challenge hate and discrimination; to act positively for change; and to embrace an international perspective across all aspects of learning. On this foundation, ISP has made the conscious decision to be an anti-racist institution. We know that pursuing the ideals of being an anti-racist institution is challenging work. ISP recognizes that forms of historical inequality, structural inequity, and unconscious bias are woven into the very fabric of institutions, systems, and policies around the world.

We are dedicated to the ongoing, intentional work of honest self-reflection and responsible action to address these issues at our school. It is through an unwavering commitment to be proactive that ISP seeks to contribute to a just and transformative educational experience, for all children, now and in the future.

Reducing Bias Action Plan: 2021-2024

International School of Portland has developed a specific, 5-year plan of action to reduce bias, become more inclusive, and further our goals to become an anti-racist school community. The plan is derived from best-practice recommendations from the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) Strategies to Reduce Bias in Your Community, and the Northwest Association of Independent Schools’ (NWAIS) “Commitment to Care” Standard.

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion activities center around eight general domains, listed below. Each domain has specific goals, strategies, and criteria for the evaluation of success.